Saturday, December 10, 2016

2D Class Week 16: Figure Drawing

For the first 8 weeks while at FIEA we had traditional nude figure drawing. I really enjoyed my time in that class and wished it lasted all semester. It was a nice break from staring at a computer all day long. Below are what I felt were my three strongest drawings and I touched them up into more finished studies.

Also a bonus one that I also kinda liked:

3D Class Week 16: Creating An Environment Part 04 (Vegetation)

I've continued to rework my environment for 3D class and added vegetation now. Vegetation has been something that has always intimidated me and I was unsure of how to approach the end it ended up being much simpler than I thought.

Since my environment is a snowy cave/mountain side I decided to create brown, grass and evergreen trees.

I started with creating planes for my grass and using Maya's Paint Effects to generate my grass. I rendered that as a targa so that it already gave me an alpha channel to work with.

Grass generated in Paint Effects:

The textures I created with it:

The model in Maya with the textures applied:

I also vertex painted the mesh so that the bases wouldn't move when I applied motion in the material:

After that I decided to create a pine tree. Below's the textures:

And here's the mesh in Maya:

After that I brought them all into UE4 and created the materials for the foliage so that it is two sided and has subsurface:

I also brought in a mountain I generated in World Machine in class to use in the background to give my environment more depth:

My final shots:

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2D Week 15: Group Project Final Round - Team Tinman

Team Members:
Will Perez-Valines
Boo Roseman
Kay Ghering
Yan Chen
Connor Hollis


For this week I went and made some tweaks to the saw and the lantern proxys. I then went back to our level and tweaked and cleaned some stuff up. I specifically added assets from the Scarecrow and Lion stage to blend our levels together more. I also applied Doug's material to the leaves and the grass on the level so that they subtly move. After that I worked with Bailey and Paul to create a start menu level. Paul created a tornado and did the intial block in for the level using some assets I had from past RPPs. After looking at it we both decided we didn't like the level and decided to make it Dorothy's barn on her farm in Kansas. I went in with Paul and rearranged the assets and set dressing using items from all four levels. I also lit the scene. After that Paul and I tested the menu and made sure the navmesh and tornado were working correctly. We then handed the level off to Bailey who added the actual menu controls that allows the player to select when level they would like to play.


Will updated the leaf particle to be more stylized. He also took everyone's layout pages from before and transferred them to the new template and hung them on our back wall.


Connor went and updated his house with more details.


Boo helped the other teams with creating state machines and procedural animations for their characters and levels. After that she recreated the Facetree's animation since Kay updated the Facetree's rig with Connor's updated mesh.


Kay worked on making final tweaks to the laser pointer and made it so that it renders a series of debug lines, which allows it to be used as a drawing tool. She also re-rigged the Facetree with Connor's updated mesh.


Yan updated the leaf particle with Will's new texture. She also created an updated atmospheric fog particle system. After that she created a firefly eye particle system with a trigger box that's triggered on enter.

Monday, December 5, 2016

3D Class Week 14: Creating An Environment Part 03

This week we created our own custom sky spheres and added it to our level from last week. I decided to also update my level.

Sky Sphere:

My Sky Textures:

Sky in Engine:

 My Updated Scene: