Monday, October 31, 2016

3D Assignment 10: Creating a Medium Complexity Character Part 01

This week we took this concept from our Nick and modeled a game res model in Maya.

Here's my process and UVs:

The Starfishman is at 1288 tris and his accessories combined is at 1480 tris.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2D Week 9: Group Project (Shape Language) - Team Tinman

For this week we are continuing on with the Wizard of Oz group project. We are taking what we learned from last week with our research and applying it to the design of the character's and environment's shape language.

Once we have our shape language nailed down, we did some sketches and then modeled proxy models.

Team Members:
Will Perez-Valines
Boo Roseman
Kay Ghering
Yan Chen
Connor Hollis

Here's our environment shape from last week:

My Page from last week

First we looked at the shape language again and Boo went back and fleshed out our layout pages better:

Boo's Page

Boo's Page

Kay's Page from last week
Then Will did some silhouettes of the Tinman:

Will's Silhouettes

After looking at it we decided we liked the shape of #7. From there Connor made a proxy model:

Connor's Proxy

Connor's Proxy

Connor's Proxy

Connor's Proxy

After seeing the model in 3D though we realized he still looked too robot-y and didn't quite feel accurate to the Tim Burton style. Will went back and did another sketch:

Will's Concept
Will then did a sketch and proxy for the axe:

Will's Axe Sketch
Will's Axe Proxy

Boo then did a quick proxy of the new design:

Boo's Proxy

Boo's Proxy

then went into Houdini and generated the forest and terrain:

Kay's Forest

Kay's Forest

Kay's Forest

I modeled some simple set dressing stuff:

My Proxys

My Proxys

My Proxy

Yan, with Paul, set up a Perforce server for the entire class to use:

File Structure in Perforce

She then took all our proxy pieces and integrated it into our VR UE4 scene. After that I lit it and added some god ray materials that I had made before for a previous project. We then all looked at the scene using the Vive:

Yan's Set Dressing and My lighting

Monday, October 24, 2016

3D Assignment 9: Creating a Simple Organic Model

For this week we choose a character to model from one of the sheets below:

I decided to go with one of the fishes and the turtle. I modeled a game res model of both animals in Maya, then exported them to Zbrush, sculpted additional detail, decimated, and baked that high poly information onto the game res model from Maya into Substance Painter. From there I painted the details, exported that, and brought it into UE4.

 The UV's:

Zbrush sculpt:

Substance Painter:

In UE4:

Rendered in Keyshot: