Tuesday, August 23, 2016

First 2D Assignment

As part of our first 2D assignment our professor, Nick Zuccarello, gave us new Photoshop tool presets to play around with.

3D Class First Project (UE4 Box Level)

For our first assignment in 3D we had to build a simple cube in Maya and bring it into UE4, keeping in mind scale to our third person character. From there we were free to create whatever scene we wished using only cubes. We then built our own master material and created instances of it to apply to the cubes.

Below is the simple cube I built in Maya and the mannequin model taken from UE4 and brought into Maya.

Once I had the cube and initial scene set up in UE4, I decided that I wanted to build a German style house. I gathered a few reference images to use as inspiration.

The initial build:

Once I finished blocking in the shape of the house, I then began to apply my materials. I decided to change the scene to unlit so that I could better see my colors and shapes.

At this point it was basically complete, but I felt like I could add more detail to it to make it feel more alive. I decided to add a lamp, ground, grass, and trees to add some better set dressing.

Here's the final scene with added moss and lighting.