Sunday, May 28, 2017

3D Class S3 Week 2 - Personal Project 01

Continuing my personal project from last week. I'm a bit ahead of schedule for this project, so I'm planning on adding a few extra things for polish.

This week I completed high res for almost every asset except for a only a couple.
I also textured most assets, migrated in particle effects from the UE4 particle demo, did another lighting pass, and built textures in substance designer.

I also created a master material with snow vertex painting that affects tesselation, allowing for the snow to be raised over the objects surface.

Here's my schedule:

As you can see we're in second week. I'm a bit ahead of schedule and moved into things I had outlined for my third week. This works out as I will be extremely busy with Capstone work here at FIEA for the next week and a half.

Here's my current progress:

The snow vertex paint:

And the materials in Substance Designer:

Friday, May 19, 2017

3D Class S3 Week 1 - Personal Project 01

For this month we're spending our time working on a personal project of our choice. I decided to do this piece by the artist Adam Taylor.

I did a breakdown and began breaking up my assets and plans for the month.

Monday, May 1, 2017

3D Class S2 Class 11: Personal Project Part 5

Final shots for the Noir Office!

Had a lot of fun learning new things like vertex painting, blueprint splines, matinees, etc. This was honestly a great learning experience and I'm going to have to spend some time later documenting this project in more depth. This was definitely a great learning experience.

Also special thanks to Yunhao Huo for helping with particle effects and some blueprint work!

Noir Office Environment from Leah Augustine on Vimeo.