Wednesday, August 2, 2017

3D Class S3 - Personal Project 02 (And Moss Tutorial at the End)

Lost Temple from Leah Augustine on Vimeo.

I also made a tutorial of my moss material and published it on Gumroad for free! Hopefully it can be useful to someone. 

Tutorial Link

Sunday, July 9, 2017

3D Class S3 Week 8 - Personal Project 02

This point marks the half way point for my current environment. I feel like I'm comfortably at that point at the moment.

I have made a few changes to the direction I wanted to go for with this environment. I decided that I would rather make the environment look overgrown, abandoned. This was mostly because I felt like I would have a lot more fun creating the materials for this and some potential for environmental storytelling - which I'm still developing.

First I would like to show off the technical stuff I have done so far.
I had a lot of fun making new materials in Substance Designer, which I do think I still need to keep refining.

Here's a few of the materials I made in Designer (not all, the rest need more refining):

I brought these materials in UE4 and created a few different vertex paint materials with world tiling so that I can texture my modular assets without seams.

Here's the material graph for my garden floor material (it's blending three materials):

Here's a gif of it in UE4:

I also created a four way blend for my tiles and here's a gif of that in UE4:

I also started high res detailing on some of my assets and began texturing so that I could set up my main master material that'll be on most of my assets:

I also began creating my foliage for the scene and have it all basically completed and blocked out with a nice working master material for them with nice movement. I still want to refine the grass especially because I don't want the hard line of the grass hitting the floor.

Here's a gif of the foliage moving in the scene:

A great tool that helped me build some of the foliage out quicker was a free program called TreeIt. It was a simple way to get base shapes down, but still required some editing of the textures and I found it easier to make my own textures and materials and bring that into UE4 instead of using the ones provided by the program.

Here's some of the meshes of a few I have in the scene:

Here's the material set up inside of UE4:

I also created a very simple petal falling particle effect for the tree:

And finally here's the scene currently: