Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2D Week 13: Group Project Concept Round (Final Color) - Team Tinman

We've continued to iterate on this project and finally added color to our concepts.

Team Members:
Will Perez-Valines
Boo Roseman
Kay Ghering
Yan Chen
Connor Hollis


This week I worked on coloring two of our environment concepts, modeling some simple set dressing pieces, and making minor tweaks (such as making the sun larger).


Will worked on making colored versions of our Tinman concepts, editing the layout further, and making other sketches for other ideas we've had.


Connor cleaned up the facetree model and added more detail to the house model.


Boo spent a lot of time researching procedural animation that allows the Tinman to turn his head and follow the player to retain eye contact. She also worked on better animation blending between his idle to wave animation.


Kay worked on editing our laser pointer for Nick so that it now behaves more like a real laser pointer and the button is easier to press.


Yan worked on developing the apple particles some more. She investigated on how to have two blueprints communicate with one another - one that allows the apple to fall when the player walks through a trigger box and another that also allows the apple to be picked up by the player.

She also created a butterfly AI that flies within certain areas of the level and will land on any object with collision.

Monday, November 28, 2016

3D Class Week 14: Creating An Environment Part 02 (Landscape Tool and Custom Rock Set)

For this week we had two main jobs we had to complete for this assignment. The first was to use the landscape tool to create a terrain in UE4 and once we sculpted the terrain we had to build a material for it using our textures from the last round. The second job we had to complete was creating a rock set to place into the terrain.

This assignment was very involved for me and am proud of the work I completed and what I learned, but I do wish I had more time to really polish a lot of my textures and sculpts.

I started with brainstorming ideas and decided to create a snowy cave scene. Once I landed on an idea I started sculpting the terrain in UE4 and building my textures:

Once my terrain as built and textured I began working on the rock set. For each rock I also created two textures, snowy and not snowy so that I could vertex paint it on each individual rock later. I also created a detail normal map, although I do not know if I did it correctly. The rocks are what I wish I could have spent more time on, but unfortunately with the holidays and other work they ended up being kind of rushed.
In Zbrush:

In Substance Painter:

Emiss mask design 

In UE4 with material graph:

No Snow


Vertex Painted Snow

"Magic" Rock with Emiss Mask
Rock Vertex Paint Material

Detail Normal Blending (although I dont know if I it correctly)

Emiss Mask


I also created some additional set dressing for the scene:


Substance Painter

In UE4



In UE4
I also set up the sword for vertex painting as well:

I also created a simple water material:

The final scene, I took the fire from the UE4 starter content and the snow from the UE4 Elemental Demo: