Sunday, June 25, 2017

3D Class S3 Week 6 - Personal Project 02

I've begun doing my low poly block out of the scene and some rough lighting/mood. I spent some time playing with the new UE4.16 volumetric fog, but still need a bit more time to understand it fully.

I've blocked out the majority of the shapes, but I'm still working on the layout for the foliage and some minor set dressing detail. I also decided to make the focal point of the garden a sakura blossom tree. I felt like the garden was missing something without it. I want to add falling petals, and petals on the ground.

Everything in the scene is for the most part built in a modular way. The trim detail, walls, etc. For my next step in the process I need to figure out proper UVing to make sure that textures will tile correctly and seamless.

I have also blocked out my mountain shapes with proxies from World Machine, but I would like to refine their shapes too look more like the mountains found at Wulingyuan.

I also used a bit of Marvelous Designer to block out simple curtains, sheets, rugs, etc. Which you'll see in the screenshots below.

Again, this is a two month project for me. My next step in the process will be to finish blocking out the foliage and start high res on the assets. I think I would like to focus on the tree and bell and from there work on whatever asset is most important or most commonly seen. I would also like to begin doing rough Substance Designer materials to test out my UVs on the modular floor and walls.

I also did very BASIC water just to get a little motion in the scene.

My current progress:

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

3D Class S3 Week 5 - Personal Project 02

For my next personal project I wanted to devote two months to the completion of it. I was inspired by the following concept by Asen Liy:

I wanted to take time to work on things that I think I am lacking in my portfolio, as well as try new things. I want to work with modularlity, work more with foliage, and lighting. I am inspired by the above image, but would like to constrain it down to a smaller environment, which I will detail below.

I would like to create a Siheyuan, or Chinese courtyard house . In it I want to include a small pond, some foliage (lily pads, trees, flowers, etc), and appropriate dressing. Surrounding the courtyard I want to include a hallway/walkway and a main building to be the focus point. Across from the main building there will be an alcove with a bell, similar to the image below:

Image result for chinese bell

For this project I want to explore modularlity, substance designer materials, water, foliage, and world machine (for mountains in the background and possible terrain), and possibly marvelous designer for cloth/flags/rope.

I have been pinning references below:

Related image

Image result for Chinese Courtyard

Image result for Chinese Courtyard

Image result for temple courtyard

Image result for temple courtyard


Asset Breakdown:
  1. Background Mountains (World Machine)
  2. Modular Temple:
    1. Floor Sections
    2. Columns
      1. Hall Columns
      2. Temple Entrance Columns
    3. Trim (Hero Asset)
    4. Fence
    5. Roofing
      1. Hall Roof
        1. Straight Section
        2. Corner Section
      2. Temple Roof
    6. Ceiling Sections
    7. Rafters
    8. Steps
    9. Door
    10. Wall Sections
      1. Wall Hall
      2. Wall Door
    11. Lanterns
      1. Paper Hanging Lanterns
      2. Standing Stone Lights
      3. Hanging Brass Lanterns (?)
    12. Stones (3-4 variations)
    13. Foliage
      1. Lily Pads
      2. Grass
      3. Bamboo
      4. Flowers
      5. Ferns
    14. Temple Door
    15. Bench
    16. Vases
      1. Ceramic (Planter)
      2. Fine China
      3. Ding (Chinese Vessel, Hero Asset)
    17. Tea Set
      1. Cup
      2. Pot
      3. Tray
    18. Petal Decal
    19. Grime Decal
    20. Moss Decal
    21. Basket
    22. Incense Holder and Incense
    23. Bell (Hero Asset)
      1. Bell Ringer 
      2. Rope
  1. Stone Tile
  2. Hall Tile
  3. Plaster Walls
  4. Painted Wood

  1. Week 01
    1. Proxy Blockout
    2. Rough Lighting
  2. Week 02 - Showcasing completed blockout, rough lighting
    1. Complete Proxy Blockout
    2. Rough Lighting
    3. Water Shader Testing
  3. Week 03
    1. Begin Zbrush High Res
    2. Foliage
    3. Rough Lighting
    4. Begin Material Creation - Substance Designer
  4. Week 04 - Showcasing high res hero assets, some textured, mountains, and substance designer materials, and current environment
    1. Continue Zbrush High Res
    2. High Res Hero Asset (Bell)
    3. Rough Lighting
    4. 1 Completed Substance Designer Material
    5. World Machine Mountains
  5. Week 05
    1. Continue Zbrush High Res
    2. Lighting
    3. Integrate Effects (Ambient Particles, etc)
    4. Begin Texturing
    5. Refine Water Shader
  6. Week 06 - Showcasing finalized high res assets and textures, water, and environments current progress
    1. Finalize High Res (show off new high res assets)
    2. Continue Texturing (Show off several textured assets)
    3. Finalize Shader Creation
  7. Week 07
    1. Continue Texturing
    2. Lighitng
    3. Refine/Touch up any assets
    4. Final shaders, hero assets, textures, etc
  8. Week 08 - Showcasing final project, completed
    1. Polish
    2. Refine/Touch up any assets
    3. Finalize Lighting
    4. Documentation
      1. Renders of hero assets, textures, wireframes, etc
      2. Texture breakdowns
      3. Shot breakdowns of environment
      4. Video render/edit
      5. Substance Designer material graphs/materials
Below I did a super quick block out to better illustrate my idea:

Sunday, June 11, 2017

3D Class S3 Week 4 - Personal Project 01

For this final turn in I started not feeling my piece anymore. I finished it and am proud of the technical work I learned while doing this piece, but am not excited about the finished product. Because of this I decided to do a few small side pieces for my own enjoyment and also try out some new things.

First here's the finished diorama, inspired by the piece by Adam Taylor.

Final shots:

I also decided to create a night version:

Master material set up in UE4

Main master material with snow vertex paint:

Main foliage master material with wind:

Substance Designer materials and graphs:

For some extra side projects I decided to make a quick cloth simulation in Marvelous Designer and use that to do a new render of my past gun project in Marmoset Toolbag 3. I also made some quick bullets to add to the render.

And for my next side project I decided to do some small stylized work and make some models based off of the concepts by Yana Blyzniuk.